There is no one straightforward solution to making the T-Shirt circular. We have the blueprint, getting there is an exciting journey and we invite you to join us along the way. Here, we regularly update you on how far we‘ve completed the circle and share with you our achievements, troubles and learnings.


On the road

How to make fashion circular @ Erasmus University

Every year, a team of students at Erasmus University organises the Erasmus Sustainability Days – a four-days program full of workshops, lectures and activities all dedicated to sustainability. This year, we’ve been invited to join the event and to talk about circular processes in the fashion industry.

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The circular quest

Status: Bringing it closer to home

In March, Jos and Léon took off to Portugal. Not to enjoy the warm weather or the beautiful countryside of the Porto area (even though that was a nice side effect), but to seek new innovations and partners and to investigate sourcing in Portugal.

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