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Weave impact into your textile items with nxtile

Ready to contribute to a fully circular textile industry? At nxtile we are thrilled to be your partner! Our new business-to-business brand is designed to serve retailers, brands and hospitality companies across Europe, offering custom-made 100% recycled textiles with the same quality and durability as the items in your regular collection. 

At nxtile, our mission is to maximise our positive footprint in the cotton textile industry. By changing the system from beginning to end-of-life, nxtile makes large scale impact through cotton waste reuse. With our proven patented technology, we produce 100% recycled cotton textile products that are equally strong and good as those made of virgin cotton. This way, we convert any of your regular or organic cotton products to 100% recycled cotton at the same quality level.

Solid industry experience

The brand is new, but it builds on solid foundations. With nxtile, we leverage our deep experience in cotton waste reuse and the end-to-end supply chain expertise, gained during several decades in the industry. 

Over the past years we have solidified our insights in conscious consumers’ needs and behaviours with our successful easyessentials brand for the B2C market. Now we are taking these insights to retailers, brands and hospitality companies across Europe.

As our customer, you define the positive impact your product will make during its conception, production and usage. All while benefiting from an honest and socially responsible process. You’ll obtain direct access to tailormade impact branding, reporting and traceability as well as end-of-life options.

Dragon network

While working with nxtile, you instantly benefit from our unique Dragon network, consisting of best-practice certified supply chain partners across the globe that share our values and vision. Access to this network guarantees quick response, flexibility, increased stockturn and economy of scale. 

The network is named after the dragon mascot that has been accompanying us on our journey to make the textile industry circular. Symbolising a continuous cycle of life, death and renaissance in many ancient traditions, the dragon that bites its own tail perfectly embodies the circular vision nxtile stands for.

Are you interested in partnering with nxtile? Or would you like to know more about the way we engage in transforming the textile industry with high-quality, 100% recycled products?