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There is no one straightforward solution to make the textile industry circular. We have the blueprint, getting there is an exciting journey and we invite you to join us along the way. Here, we regularly update you on how far we‘ve completed the circle and share with you our achievements, troubles and learnings.

Our First Collaboration with WWF Denmark!
At easyessentials, we believe that fashion and sustainability go hand in hand. As a socially responsible...
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Serving Doctors without Borders with nature friendly products and delivery
We are pleased to announce that we are once again working with Artsen Zonder Grenzen (Doctors Without...
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Weave impact into your textile items with nxtile
Ready to contribute to a fully circular textile industry? At nxtile we are thrilled to be your partner!...
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New panda towel takes WWF collab to the next level
Collaborating with likeminded organisations is key to doing business with a positive impact...
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Easy Tee Art Collection: Guaranteed not for the lowest price
Simple; easyessentials does not aim to maximize profit, our ambition is much broader and....
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New campaign WWF x easyessentials
In these strange times our attention is completely absorbed by Corona. Fortunately, WWF is keeping us...
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New: very light breathable washable face masks for summer days!
More and more people understand our story and have experienced the excellent quality of our mouth masks...
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They're here! Our wonderfully soft and washable face masks
The face masks are produced in Portugal in our factory and are made of very high quality cotton...
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Put your care hero in the spotlight!
Surprise people in care. In addition to the tulips, cake and drawings, give a beautiful & durable T-Shirt...
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Why easyessentials does not cancel orders – short chains
C&A, WE, Zara, H&M all have long chains sourcing in the Far East. The direct consequence of this is that...
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Support your local care hero’s!
How beautiful it is to contribute to more comfort for our hospital staff. It's possible!...
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How to run successful campaigns with 10-fold demand and zero defects?
Nothing is more frustrating than an out dated T-Shirt that can’t be sold anymore, except with a discount...
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First donations delivered in Spaarne Gasthuis Zorgheld, thankyou!
On March 30th we handed over the first boxes of T-shirts on behalf of the sponsors to the Spaarne Gasthuis...
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WWF runs successful campaign with easyessentials
We all know the images of the bushfires in Australia. The WnF decided at the beginning of...
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Our logo is new!
easyessentials is growing and that includes a beautiful recognizable logo that fits our journey...
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Heineken goes circular
Jos visited the Heineken Circular event at Pakhuis Willem de Zwijger on June 21st...
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easyessentials speaking at UvA Green Office
On Tuesday May 7th, the Green Office of the University of Amsterdam organized an event on “Supply Chain...
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What you can do: Wash & Care
There‘s a lot you can do yourself to help us close the T-Shirt‘s loop. Here are a few tips you can follow...
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Status: Making it last longer and longer
To us, a T-Shirt is only sustainable if it can be worn and loved for as long as possible...
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Status: Bringing it closer to home
In March, Jos and Léon took off to Portugal. Not to enjoy the warm weather or the beautiful countryside...
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How to make fashion circular @ Erasmus University
Every year, a team of students at Erasmus University organises the Erasmus Sustainability ...
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Status: Working hard on it
Water is scarce and we want our tee to consume as little as possible. But here‘s the challenge: To avoid...
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Circular Fashion Games (part 2: Amsterdam)
Lena is taking part in the Circular Fashion Games, a two-part bootcamp programme bringing together students,...
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Circular Fashion Games (part 1: Eindhoven)
Lena is taking part in the Circular Fashion Games, a two-part bootcamp programme...
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Status: check!
One of our main priorities is making our tee plastic-free. That‘s why we‘ve eliminated plastics from......
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Future Fashion Pioneers
Last week, our team visited the “Future Fashion Pioniers” event organised by VPRO Tegenlicht at Pakhuis...
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Here's why you need a circular tee
Maybe you’re like us: You want to dress nicely, preferably with clothes that feel comfortable and...
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