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Status: Working hard on it

Water is scarce and we want our tee to consume as little as possible. But here‘s the challenge: To avoid synthetic fibres (read more about that here), we produce T-Shirts made of 100% cotton only. Yet cotton is a very thirsty plant. It takes as much water to produce the cotton needed for one single T-Shirt as you drink in 3 years. Or what you use during 2 months of showering every day. That‘s a lot.

So what shall we do?

To be fair, we‘re still working on a solution – but we already have an end in mind: Our goal is to increase the amount of recycled cotton in our fabrics. Up to 100%, preferably. Using recycled cotton instead of virgin cotton has the advantage that there‘s no need to grow new cotton plants, which in turn saves a lot of water. However, the market for recycled cotton is still small and expensive. Many clothes cannot be fully recycled because they consist of material blends such as cotton-polyester. These are difficult to separate. Recycling experts around the world work really hard to innovate new recycling methods and to make recycled materials accessible for the wider market. We closely follow their developments, and hope to be able to use recycled cotton as soon as possible. We‘ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, we do our best to contribute to a future of easy and accessible textile recycling. Since our tee is made of 100% cotton, it can easily be recycled. So instead of growing new thirsty cotton plants, the recycled fibres of our T-Shirt can be used to make new ones.