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Heineken goes circular

Jos visited the Heineken Circular event at Pakhuis Willem de Zwijger on June 21st.  Curious what he experienced? Then read on:

“It was a selceted audience at the Heineken Circular event. Nine participants presented their solutions to make the Heineken merchandise more circular: from using algae, old sails and felt as raw materials, organizing events and beer delivery trucks for pickup and incorporating used garments to applying 3D cloud based design on the Heineken T-Shirts.

The audience was clearly different than the other sustainability events I visited. The fact that Heineken sponsored the first price with 5000€ clearly attracted more solution driven, out of the box, young designers and entrepreneurs.

Some solutions were targeted to develop clothing from recycled plastic but one single question from the audience made me realize that reducing plastics is more important than reusing it: “Did you take into account the microplastics that are released during every wash?” This strengthens our strategy to focus on our 100% plastic-free Tee.

Last but not least, it surprises me how big corporations embrace the term “circularity” with an enthusiasm I have never seen with regard to sustainability before. Why? Could it be that with circular the bigger companies have found a better way to merge consumption with green?”