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Our logo is new!

easyessentials is growing and that includes a beautiful recognizable logo that fits our journey. Isidoor was already our mascot during our presentations and lectures, but from now on he will adorn all our products.

In addition to a beautiful logo, the story behind it is much more important. What is the history of our circular dragon Isidoor? What does easyessentials stand for?

Throughout history, the circular dragon comes back in various forms. Always surrounded by mysticism where eating one’s own tail stands for death and rebirth. We call him “Isidoor”. Our mission is to find the right balance on earth. To this end, easyessentials focuses on making products and processes in the fashion industry circular, ready for reuse. The proof that we are making progress in this is reflected in our beautiful collection of T-shirts.

The team behind easyessentials is happy with Isidoor because he constantly reminds us of the purpose of our journey; making the fashion industry circular. Step by step, design after design.

Please check out now our new size range in black, including the extra large sizes. Ofcourse in our wonderful unique plastic free fabric. Buy and become part of the quest!