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Circular Fashion Games (part 1: Eindhoven)

Lena is taking part in the Circular Fashion Games, a two-part bootcamp programme bringing together students, designers and young professionals from different disciplinary backgrounds and nationalities to help companies create concepts for a circular fashion future. This year, participants compete against each other in teams to find circular solutions for real-life challenges of companies like Lenzing, Vaude and Gemeente Amsterdam.

Why are you here?

“So, why are you participating in the Circular Fashion Games?” I cannot recall how many times I’ve heard and asked this question during our first bootcamp in Eindhoven. It was probably the most frequently asked question of the weekend – and the one whose reactions excited me the most. The common answer: To work together to make fashion circular.  Working together to make fashion circular is my main motivation to join the CFG, too. I want to connect with like-minded people from different backgrounds, learn from each other and find circular solutions for real-life challenges together. Thereby, I truly believe that in order to bring the circular economy to life, we need to join forces and collaborate with each other – instead of pushing for our individual goals. 

Co-compete to make fashion circular

I’m happy to see that this idea is also driving the CFG. Here, we call it co-competition. Co-what? It means that even though we are competing against each other, we cooperate because we are striving towards a greater goal of common good. We share our knowledge and ideas, inspire and motivate each other – because making fashion circular goes beyond individual gain. It is about the well-being of both planet and people. 

“Instead of having a competitive advantage, we could have a cooperative advantage.”
– William McDonough

Co-competition is also part of the brand philosophy of easyessentials: To make fashion truly circular, we encourage other companies to adopt our circular processes. Our impact grows as we join forces.  

The second part of the Circular Fashion Games takes part from 6th – 10th of February in Amsterdam.

Find out more here and stay tuned for more insights coming from Lena soon.