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One of our main priorities is making our tee plastic-free. That‘s why we‘ve eliminated plastics from all stages of the design, production and distribution of our T-Shirt. When you are wearing our tee, you can rest assured that it has never and will never directly contribute to plastic pollution.

Let us explain. An ordinary T-Shirt usually entails plastic: It‘s in the brand and wash&care labels on the inside, and often in the fabric itself. Many textiles are made of synthetic fibres such as polyester, which entail plastic. The design of our tee is steered by a strict #noplastic-policy: We don‘t use chemical fibres and forego inside plastic labels. Instead, our tee is made of 100% organic cotton and our logo and wash&care information are printed directly on the fabric. This print is made of water based ink, which doesn‘t contain any plastic.

But there‘s more. Usually, textiles are transported in plastic polybags. You wouldn‘t believed how much plastic is wasted to package single garments – even though it could be easily avoided. Our tees are not shipped in polybags. Instead, they  are rolled up and put in cardboxes. And when you order a tee, we personally wrap it eco-friendly FSC-certified silk paper and put it in a small cardbox for your delivery. If you wish, you can send this cardbox back to us or use it yourself for other purposes (it‘s small enough to fit through the mailbox).


Why bother? – you might wonder. Here‘s why:

Plastic is polluting the oceans, the air, even our bodies. For centuries, we‘ve been carelessly using plastic in places where it could have easily been avoided or replaced. Think of shopping bags, for example. Or packaging. Our current linear way of making and consuming products produces a lot of plastic waste – and it comes in many ways. On the one side, you have larger plastic pieces such as PET bottles, on the other side you have microplastics, small plastic particles about the size of sesame seeds. They break from larger pieces of plastic – or from synthetic fibres. Every time you wash a T-Shirt made of any synthetic fibre such as polyester or polyamid, plastic microfibres are washed down the drain and get into the water.