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Future Fashion Pioneers

Last week, our team visited the “Future Fashion Pioniers” event organised by VPRO Tegenlicht at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. The event gave fashion pioneers from the Netherlands, who are working hard to make the fashion industry fairer and more sustainable, a platform to present their ideas and projects. While listening to everyone’s stories, Jos couldn’t help but wonder “how can we make all these ideas scalable to create impact?”

Read about his insights from the event and an exciting new announcement here.

Sustainable fashion is hot

“If the VPRO event proved anything, it was that sustainability is clearly a hot topic in fashion. The event was packed with all kinds of people interested in learning about forerunners in the field. I’m pleased to see that it’s not just about a small group of people trying to save the (fashion) world anymore. Instead, the sustainable fashion community is getting close to becoming more mainstream.

That mere thought excites me. At the event, you could feel lots of positive energy and enthusiasm among the guests. Everyone was curious: What are the fashion pioneers doing to create a desirable fashion future? Interestingly enough, all pioneers presented take different approaches. While some focus on new technology like 3-D printing, others emphasize the social aspect of fashion by bringing production back to the Netherlands.

Great idea = great impact?

Technology and labor – two aspects we obviously need to consider both to make a difference. Yet, sitting in the audience and listening to each pioneer’s story, I was wondering: Is the introduction of a new technology really sufficient? Is it enough to re-locate production sites? Does that really make a difference?

Then, Professor José Teunissen from London College of Fashion added another criterion to the discussion that stroke me: impact. An idea, as pioneering and exciting as it is, is only as good as the impact it creates. So, to me the real question is: How can fashion pioneers make their ideas scalable to make real impact?

Ready to make an impact

At easyessentials we believe that impact can only be achieved by replacing common business models with new models. We need to change fashion from the inside out. It is certainly good, but not enough to look at single aspects of the model, such as technology or labor. Instead, we need a holistic solution – and easyessentials proves that it can be found.

Looking around at the event, I realized it’s time for us to enter the fashion pioneers arena and introduce our idea, scalable and ready to make lasting impact. Therefore, I’m happy to announce we’re finally live.

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