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New panda towel takes WWF collab to the next level

Collaborating with likeminded organisations is key to doing business with a positive impact. That’s why we’re pleased to share that the Dutch division of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, has added our unique 100% recycled cotton towel to their product range. Available now in the WWF Netherlands webshop, this lovely, snow-white towel is marked with the well-known panda logo.

easyessentials has been partnering with WWF for several years now. We are WWF’s preferred circular textiles supplier for special events and provide different products, such as the cotton panda t-shirts, for the Dutch WWF webshop.

“Collaborating with you guys has been pleasant all along,” says Perry Stinis, eCommerce Manager at WWF. “easyessentials understands well what is relevant to us, not just in terms of products, but also when it comes to packaging and delivery.”

For the WWF towel only existing cotton fibres are used, saving water, protecting land and emitting less CO2. Webshop customers receive their product in a letterbox box without plastics. On the special saving label they’ll find a QR code for more detailed traceability information.

Perry: “We want to inspire people and show them that there are better solutions for their everyday purchases: good quality products that are less harmful to the environment. The new easyessentials towel fits seamlessly into our offer.”

The benefits of the easyessentials – WWF collaboration are two-fold. Customers contribute to a circular textile industry by adding a classy branded product to their bathroom wardrobe. At the same time, their purchase supports the WWF in the fight to protect global nature. To us at easyessentials, delivering a win-win for everyone is the true added value of teaming up with organisations that share our values and circular worldview.

Stay tuned as we have more circular surprises in store.