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Easy Tee Art Collection: Guaranteed not for the lowest price

Perhaps a mistake  in the title? Actually not, we guarantee that we don’t have the lowest prices but we do have the best buy. Our supply chain is based on a fair share distribution for all partners. Together with our customers who understand this, we are already well on our way. So what’s so special about our chain? Simple; easyessentials does not aim to maximize profit, our ambition is much broader and focuses not only on good financial performance but also on creating impact within the clothing industry. Maximizing profits, can only lead to minimizing costs and that’s impossible to align with a fair share for everyone. The group of people who understand this is growing steadily. 

In this context we are proud of our new initiative the “Easy Tee Art Collection”. With artist Paul Faassen and social sustainability collective Circus Engelbrecht as frontrunners, we can create even  more impact. Impact through a nice balance between creative expressions and our joint circular ambition, guaranteed to be your best buy.  

Link: collection Paul Faassen 

Link: collection Met Zonder Woorden / With-Out Words