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New: very light breathable washable face masks for summer days!

The face mask above consists of 2 layers: 1 layer of certified cotton + filter. Even more breathing comfort and excellent protection. Naturally produced sustainably in our short chain. From Portugal, easyessentials also continues to lead the way in sustainable materials. Also see below our latest ‘summer model’ ¬†face mask made from recycled cotton!

This cap is special because it is made from recycled cotton and is 100% plastic free. An additional innovation is the cords for attachment behind the head instead of elastic behind the ear. The cords have already proven to be easy abroad. Unhygienic storage in a pocket or bag is no longer necessary if only the top cords are loosened. See also beautiful variants that we make for Sea Shepherd.

The world is flooded with large amounts of disposable caps made of plastic, don’t settle for that. Our caps are soft, have less suffocation and are made to wash several times. How circular is that!