They’re here! Our wonderfully soft and washable face masks

The face masks are produced in Portugal in our factory and are made of very high quality cotton. This makes them feel soft and you can breathe pleasantly.

This high-quality manufactured face mask can last for many cleaning cycles. The cap can be reused by washing at 60 ° C or hotter. This mask is not a medical product but a personal protective equipment (PPE). It reduces the dispersion of droplets, for example by coughing & sneezing and avoids unconscious touches on the mouth and nose. Great for use in public transport or the supermarket, for example.

The world is flooded with large amounts of disposable caps made of plastic, don’t settle for that. Our caps are soft, have less suffocation and are made to wash several times. How circular is that!

Our collection now consists of white and black in adult and child sizes. We have a short chain and will therefore quickly expand the collection.

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