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Put your care hero in the spotlight!

Surprise people in care. In addition to the tulips, cake and drawings, give a beautiful & durable T-Shirt to a Zorgheld (care-hero) or even her/his entire team.

Our “Zorgheld, bedankt!” T-Shirt is about motivating people. Feel the energy of motivating people to join in to pay respect to our medical and care staff.

Below are some nice initiatives so far:

  • would love to surprise the 15-20 care heroes where my sister stays. It seems to me a nice gesture if we can donate those beautiful T-shirts together as people involved.
  • We’ve been thinking for a while how to thank my parents’ home care. Your T-shirt fits very nicely in this picture.
  • Everyone thinks about people in plastic suits, we want to thank our neighbor for doing our shopping
  • As IT service providers we work a lot for healthcare institutions, we want to give something back as a company
  • We would like to give the ‘Zorgheld’ T-shirt to our neighbor who is (privately) a nurse and got infected with the corona virus
  • Everyone knows people in care who deserve a thank you. We make sure that your gift ends up with the care hero(s) or even better, you want to hand over the T-Shirts yourself, of course this can be arranged.

If you want to involve more people to jointly thank an institution or department team for their care effort, please contact us : Then we’ll make it a nice package.  Click here for an example

A “Zorgheld, bedankt!” T-Shirt is a token of appreciation and commitment. Certainly now we know that giving a pat on the back or a firm hug is not possible.


Put your care hero in the spotlight!