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Give immediate comfort to our care staff. It’s possible!

Donate a fine T-shirt that all hospitals need now, in every IC. Doctors and nurses must spend a long time in a plastic IC suit. Incredibly tough. Being able to put on a clean T-shirt occasionally gives relief. At present, stocks are under pressure. Your donation provides immediate help.

Donate and we make sure that your gift is given to a regional IC.

Give a T-shirt to our care heroes!

How does it work?

  • With your gift we select a high-quality T-shirt
  • The T-shirts are delivered per week, or more frequently
  • If your gift has reached the IC, we will give you an update
  • In the course of this action, we will keep you informed of the impact
  • This event runs until 1 May 2020
  • The earth has also been thought of; After the corona crisis, the T-shirts are picked up
  • The cotton will be reused in new clothing
  • Here’s how you add value now and in the future

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The package fits your mailbox,
it can contain up to 3 tee’s.

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we take care of determining the sizes required