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Status: Making it last longer and longer

To us, a T-Shirt is only sustainable if it can be worn and loved for as long as possible. That means two things: First, it needs to withstand the test of time, be durable despite lots of wears and washes. Second, the T-Shirt needs a timeless design to make you feel emotionally attached and make you want to use it forever.

1) Materials that last

Our tee is designed with this end in mind. It’s designed to last. To ensure longevity material-wise, we choose only natural fibres and avoid any synthetic fibres. Currently, our tee is made of 100% organic cotton. On top, to make sure your tee holds up as long as possible, we’ve added an extra that protects the garment and prolongs the product life. But what if you really cannot wear your tee anymore? Well, our design anticipates a next life. At the end of its wear-ability, the cotton fibres of our tee can easily be recycled and turned into a new product.

2) One tee, one love

We also do our best to make you fall in love with our tee. So instead of gathering 10 different white T-Shirts that all don’t really fit well, you’ll have one true companion – a T-Shirt that’s comfortable, fits well and is always reliable. As we said, our tee is made of cotton – a material that absorbs moisture readily and has high tensile strength. What does this mean for you? Our tee is comfortable in hot weather and easy to wash. What’s more, we wash our tee before we send it to you. That means it’s true to fit when you wear it for the very first time. No post-washing surprises in the form of shrunk material.

And there’s more. Stay with us, this gets interesting. We’ve recently started introducing 3D technology in our design process. This technology allows us to measure our tee true to size – precisely on the millimetre. More about this soon!