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How to run successful campaigns with 10-fold demand and zero defects?

Nothing is more frustrating than an out dated T-Shirt that can’t be sold anymore, except with a discount. Buying T-Shirts for events and short-term campaigns are the most risky. Our circular approach offers a solution for this.

The solution is to respond quickly to actual sales, take the campaign to support Australia during the bushfires ran by the Dutch branch of World Wildlife Foundation. In this very successful campaign, the sell-out was 10 times more than expected and yet we were able to deliver everything on time. Even more remarkable are the returns, only 0.2% have come back to be exchanged due to size. For qualitative reasons, not one T-Shirt was returned! How do we do that?



Based on our insights, we have built up a responsive and agile network that is fully focused on delivering speed and quality. Part of this network is digital print. If you want to know what we can do for your event, please contact us.