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How just another day – became an inspiring initiative

The circular quest

In the “dorpsstraat”, with my thought at "keeping 1.5 meters distance", I was greeted by John. "Hey Jos, you're in the T-Shirts business, right?" Yes, that's right. "Do you know that in hospitals there is a need for good T-Shirts?" No, I do know about mouth caps.

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First donations delivered in Spaarne Gasthuis
Zorgheld, bedankt!

The circular quest

On March 30th we handed over the first boxes of T-shirts on behalf of the sponsors to the Spaarne Gasthuis in Haarlem. With great enthusiasm this gesture was received and on behalf of the care staff of the IC department: many thanks!

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Support your local care hero’s!

The circular quest

How beautiful it is to contribute to more comfort for our hospital staff. It's possible!

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We make textiles circular. To get it right from the beginning, we start with the essentials. The T-Shirt is one of the most essential textiles there is. Our goal is to make it fully circular, from design and production to distribution, use and reuse.

the circular roadmap