we are on a quest
to make the t-shirt circular


We want to make textiles circular. To get it right from the beginning, we start with the essentials. The T-Shirt is one of the most essential textiles there is. Our goal is to make it fully circular, from design and production to distribution, use and reuse.

the circular quest


easyessentials x Sea Shepherd


We’re proud to collaborate with Sea Shepherd, a non-profit marine conservation organisation that’s committed to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife and the world’s oceans.

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The life cycle of our tee

The circular quest

What you’ll read next might sound unusual: Our tee doesn’t have a typical product life cycle with a beginning, growth and maturity, and an end. Let us explain.

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Heineken goes circular

On the road

Jos visited the Heineken Circular event at Pakhuis Willem de Zwijger on June 21st.  Curious what he experienced?

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