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We believe that the best way to pay respect to our planet is to create circular processes with fair share for everyone adding value.

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Meet Isidoor, the Circular Dragon

Making fashion truly circular is a challenge. We call this challenge the dragon that needs to be dressed. Dressing a dragon? It might sound impossible, but we assure you: it’s not. We’ve found a way to dress it. Want to know how? Follow our circular dragon “Isidoor” on our quest to make fashion more circular.


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easyessentials speaking at UvA Green Office

On Tuesday May 7th, the Green Office of the University of Amsterdam organized an event on “Supply Chain Management & Transparency”.

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Dress the dragon

Isidoor explains: Wash & Care

With all the talking about changes in clothing design and production, we can easily forget our responsibility as consumers in making fashion truly circular. It all stands or falls on how we take care of our clothes.

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Dress the dragon

Isidoor explains: How microplastics cause a macro problem

You hear them everywhere - statements like “by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish” are all over the media. It’s true: Our current linear way of making and consuming products produces a lot of plastic waste that eventually ends up in the oceans, our sushi and our bodies.

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