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    Easy Tee Art Collection

    easyessentials collabs with artists making a difference. Unique prints turn our tees into a unique canvas. Proudly presenting Bird Shirts by Paul Faassen and With-Out Words by Circus Engelbrecht.

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  • Circular Face Masks

    The face masks are produced in Portugal in our factory and are made of very high quality cotton. This makes them feel soft and you can breathe pleasantly.

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We make textile circular and start with the T-shirt. Our goal is to maximize the reuse of natural materials. We start with the design then production and distribution, use and reuse. Follow our mascot.

the circular roadmap

  • Comfort

  • Just Right

  • Sustainable

  • Honest

  • Give and Take

Designed & Printed: Netherlands
Production: Portugal


The circular quest

Easy Tee Art Collection: Guaranteed not for the lowest price

Simple; easyessentials does not aim to maximize profit, our ambition is much broader and focuses not only on good financial performance but also on creating impact within the clothing industry.

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New campaign WWF x easyessentials

In these strange times our attention is completely absorbed by Corona. Fortunately, WWF is keeping us on our toes with yet another campaign this time for the world's most illegally traded mammal, the pangolin.

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The circular quest

New: very light breathable washable face masks for summer days!

More and more people understand our story and have experienced the excellent quality of our mouth masks. With all the green signs for a warm late summer, we have made lighter versions for the beach and public transport.

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