we make the t-shirt circular

Circular face masks


They’re here! Our wonderfully soft and washable face masks

The circular quest

The face masks are produced in Portugal in our factory and are made of very high quality cotton. This makes them feel soft and you can breathe pleasantly

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Put your care hero in the spotlight!

The circular quest

Surprise people in care. In addition to the tulips, cake and drawings, give a beautiful & durable T-Shirt to a Zorgheld (care-hero) or even her/his entire team.

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Why easyessentials does not cancel orders – short chains

The circular quest

C&A, WE, Zara, H&M all have long chains sourcing in the Far East. The direct consequence of this is that a lot of volume has to be planned far in advance. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to make adjustments if the demand differs from the forecast.

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We make textiles circular. To get it right from the beginning, we start with the essentials. The T-Shirt is one of the most essential textiles there is. Our goal is to make it fully circular, from design and production to distribution, use and reuse.

the circular roadmap