The life cycle of our tee

What you’ll read next might sound unusual: Our tee doesn’t have a typical product life cycle with a beginning, growth and maturity, and an end. Let us explain. Usually, a product is created (the start), then used (growth and maturity), and finally discarded (the end). Take your smartphone, for example. It is designed and produced by the industry, then you use it for, let’s say, 3-4 years (if you’re lucky), and then you throw it away and buy a new one. That way, we don’t use resources and materials efficiently and produce a lot of waste. The same holds true for the T-Shirt. So why don’t we design products in a way that first, they last longer than a couple of years and second, their parts can be used for new products?

That’s what we do with our tee.

Our three phases:

1) Circular by design

This is the design stage. We design our tee in a way that anticipates both a long and a second life. That means we use only natural mono raw materials (for example, 100% cotton), that can easily be recycled. We refrain from blends (for example, 50% cotton and 50% polyester) because they are either impossible or more difficult to recycle. We have no plastic in our labels and stitching yarns. Instead, our wash & care label and logo are printed with water-based ink. And there’s more. We constantly keep up to date with innovations and the scalability of circular technologies and integrate new insights in our design.

2) Longevity

This stage is for you. We’d like you to wear and love your tee as often and long as possible. That’s why we guarantee premium quality and comfortability. We use a quality fibre and a carefully produced fabric with finishing – so it’s durable and can be washed and worn many many times. Our tee is pre-washed to ensure that it fits you well. What’s more, we only work with textile craftsmen in India and Portugal, who share our values and make garments with care and love.

3) Next life

We know what you’re thinking. There a might be a point when you really cannot wear your tee anymore – and what then? The good news: You don’t have to throw it away. Instead, we will recycle your tee and use it as raw material for a new one. It will provide the best quality regenerated fabric for a new T-Shirt. This part makes us very excited, and we’re currently working on a subscription model and send-back scheme.