sustainable printing

  • We deliver beautiful and sustainable prints on our T-Shirts and additional merchandise. Based on our circular vision we make T-shirts and prints so sustainable that World Wildlife Fund and Sea Shepherd entrust their most exclusive designs to our T-Shirt collection.

  • We work with specialised partners in Portugal and The Netherlands. They share our circular vision and sustainability standards and guarantee premium print quality, only using waterbased ink.

  • Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur or responsible for sustainability within your company, your design or company logo looks better on our collection. With  easyessentials you can be sure that all aspects are part of the right circular movement.

  • Even our circular dragon feels like a fish in the water.

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  • Your print water based on any piece of apparel, this can be done by traditional screen printing or digital print. This combination is important to reduce waste. Don’t make more than you need to, just right. duimpje

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    A sustainable print is therefore guaranteed, but what is a sustainable print worth if the T-Shirt is not sold or not worn at all. With the dynamics in the merchandise market, we regret to see that more and more T-Shirts are not given the time to be sold. Having to discount a T-Shirt or even worse use it as landfill, how circular is that? Quite often this has to do with a wrong prediction of demand in combination with the traditional production method of board printing that is not suitable for small production batches. Hence, as a customer you are always seduced to order more because of production efficiency reasons. The process simple works smoother and cheaper with a higher volume, whether you need it or not. For smaller batches, digital printing is the solution. easyessentials offers both production methods for better alignment with all your wishes.