Our Production

Essentials made responsibly

  • Comfort

    easyessentials guarantees good materials, fit, quality and design. We make comfortable products in a sustainable way and at a fair price.


  • Give and take

    Our products are made in Portugal by a team of skilled and motivated people. We work under the European Union Labor Law, which focuses on fair employment conditions for everyone who adds value along the supply chain, from fibre to finished product.

  • 100% Organic cotton GOTS

    All our garments are made from 100% Organic Cotton, which means cotton that is grown without genetically modified seeds and use of toxic chemicals.

  • Circular

    We bring the circular revolution to life. You know as well as we do that the only way forward is to treat both planet and people respectfully. That is why our products are circular by design and we have a roadmap that will gradually get us towards a full circular assortment.

  • Sustainable

    Sustainability is anchored in our mindset. We use 100% organic cotton and our fabric is GOTS certified. We have zero tolerance towards plastic in product and packaging. This means we don’t work with elastane and don’t wrap our products into polybags during transportation.

  • Just right

    We monitor every step in the production of our premium quality products. We have full transparency over our whole supply chain,making sure waste is minimized and guaranteeing that the finished product is just right.

  • Honest

    We clearly communicate our intentions. Every step is transparent and easy to understand. If you have any question or want to pay a visit to one of our suppliers or production partners, please contact us.