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Give a “Zorgheld, bedankt!” T-Shirt to your own care hero

With  our donation campaign “Zorgheld, bedankt!”, we have already thanked many care heroes on behalf of many sponsors. How beautiful it is  to give in these times!

Put your own care hero in the spotlight!

Compose your gift from single pieces and / or sets of 5 pieces. You get 1 free for every 10 pieces. If you would like to order some sets in addition to the single shirts, click here.

Price single shirts: 17,50

How does it work?

  • With your gift, a set of high-quality, sustainable T-Shirts with print ‘Zorgheld, bedankt! are shipped including a thank you card with your personal text
  • Enter your personal text when placing the order in the ‘comments field’, or email it to info@easyessentials.eu
  • Single T-Shirt price = 17.50
  • The shirts are delivered to an address of your choice in the Netherlands
  • You can choose to hand over the shirts yourself or have it delivered to the care hero location by clicking on “ship to a different address” when finishing the order
  • Delivery time is between 2-5 working days (you will receive a confirmation)
  • Costs for shipping, packaging and thank you card: 6,95
    QUESTIONS? -> mail info@easyessentials.eu

Order a set of 5 T-Shirts

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The package fits your mailbox,
it can contain up to 3 tee’s.

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