• Circular Face Masks

    The face masks are produced in Portugal in our factory and are made of very high quality cotton. This makes them feel soft and you can breathe pleasantly.

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  • Our Circular Vision

    Organisations like WWF and Sea Shepherd partner with easyessentials because of overlap in mission, goals and values.

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  • Circular Collection

    We offer a full range of sustainable merchandise. We are proud that more companies joined us, like Vanmoof, ERIKS, Ace&Tate, DA and Sligro.


We make textile circular and we started with the T-shirt. Our goal is to maximize the reuse of natural materials. We start with the design then production and distribution, use and reuse. Follow our mascot.

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  • Easy Tee Art Collection

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  • Easy Tee Art Collection

    easyessentials collabs with artists making a difference. Unique prints turn our tees into a unique canvas. Proudly presenting the With-Out Words collection by Circus Andersom.

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  • Comfort

  • Just Right

  • Sustainable

  • Honest

  • Give and Take



Serving Doctors without Borders with nature friendly products and delivery

We are pleased to announce that we are once again working with Artsen Zonder Grenzen (Doctors Without Borders) Netherlands (AZG)! ...

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The circular quest

Weave impact into your textile items with nxtile

Ready to contribute to a fully circular textile industry? At nxtile we are thrilled to be your partner! Our new business-to-business brand is designed to serve retailers,...

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New panda towel takes WWF collab to the next level

Collaborating with likeminded organisations is key to doing business with a positive impact. That’s why we’re pleased to share that the Dutch division of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF),

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