How just another day – became an inspiring initiative

In the “dorpsstraat”, with my thought at “keeping 1.5 meters distance”, I was greeted by John. “Hey Jos, you’re in the T-Shirts business, right?” Yes, that’s right. “Do you know that in hospitals there is a need for good T-Shirts?” No, I do know about mouth caps.

This is how this initiative originated in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. Up to date, we have already delivered donation T-Shirts to the Spaarne Gasthuis and Zaans Medical Center. Beautiful moments, to thank our care heroes on behalf of all sponsors. Meanwhile we are busy giving all new donations a good destination because the action “Zorgheld, bedankt! runs well.

It should be clear that we are trying to implement this action cost-neutral and we are busy with family and friends to reach out to as many “Zorghelden” as possible. The first reactions of the care staffs are heartwarming.

Of course we are proud that the easyessentials T-Shirts are used for this campaign. We have the T-Shirts specially made in Portugal, not purchased as bulk. The fabric is 100% natural, without any kind of plastic, ready to be reused completely. Circularity is our passion, and that of the people we work with.

In addition to the product, the collaboration between John and Jos can also be called unique, from a completely different background. John is Transaction Banker Rabobank and Jos is a Supply Chain consultant and co-owner of easyessentials.

We complement each other well: within one week from idea to first delivery! Great how donations are received every day through friends, acquaintances, clubs and companies. We are very motivated to have even more Care Heroes put in the spotlight.

Join us!

Thank you in advance,

John Raijmakers & Jos van Straten

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