• Impact


    Making impact starts with trust, trust in what you buy and how it is produced. Whether you are a consumer or lead buying for any major brand, we want and need to know.
    EE offers full transparency on all its products. How does this work?

  • QR-code

    All our products both for private label and consumer have a QR code.
    Based on this QR code the supply chain and savings can be traced.


    CO2 savings

    Land savings

    Water savings

  • How do I know it is real?

    The core of ee is built upon seasoned supply chain expertise. All our products are made in audited production facilities.
    We own the whole chain from cradle to cradle, from waste to the final product.

  • impact

    Save water

    Save CO2

    Save land

    Zero plastic

    Circular by design

  • company impact

    • Circular apparel
    • Impact dashboard
    • Circular roadmap

    There is a plan B

    • Patented process
    • 100% recycled cotton
    • 100% impact
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    Do you want to know how to fabricate the
    future with us?
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